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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wedding madness.

Well, a friend of mine is getting married after being with her guy for years and years - he turned out to be quite the romantic, who'd have guessed? - and she asked her facebook friends if anyone was up for making some desserts for her reception. Obviously I volunteered. I'm not sure if that was a good idea yet, but I figured it was a good opportunity to get some experience, and maybe try my hand at some more elaborate decorating.

She's having about seventy guests so I'm going to try to make between 50 and 70 cupcakes (she'll have more dessert options so she's not counting on me solely - thank God and I've figured out how I want to decorate them. The wedding colors are lime green and wine red, so I'm going to work with those.

About that time, my mom told me about this new cupcake shop in Antwerp, called Mayas. It's one of the only ones we have in Belgium, and the only one close to me, so I was extatic. They have just about everything you need to decorate cupcakes and the owner is very friendly - she gave me some great tips and we had a lovely chat.

If you guys are from Belgium, you should definately check it out. http://mayas.be

My initial idea was butter-creme, but the shop owner told me that butter creme would melt really fast in this kind of weather (I should have figured that out by myself, smart) and that a better option would be icing. They have it already made, so that's really handy, I'd just have to add the food colorant.

So, the idea to use lime-green icing, and then roll some wine-red-ish roses from rolling fondant, to put on top.

My inspiration came from the following, which are just plain adorable.

I'm worrying a little bit about time, since it's already on the 13th of July and I'm going to a music festival until the 5th, but I hope that a week is enough to roll, ice, bake and decorate. I guess I better step it up a bit.

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