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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wedding madness, 2.

Thank. God.

Well, let me just give you a bit of the background info on why I'm really, really happy right now.

When I visited the cupcake shop I talked about in my last blog, the owner told me that you should
probably calculate about two hours for each rose you have to make. Since I had about 50 to 70
roses to make, that did not exactly make me happy.

Anyway, I went back today to buy all my stuff (rolling fondant, icing and food colorant, cupcake
shapes, a silicone roller, and a bag and piece to ice the cupcakes) and I decided to give the roses
a try already.

the fondant

It turned out much better than I initially expected. I suppose the owner of the shop
had another type of rose in mind (bigger or more elaborate, maybe) because me and my mom
rolled fifty roses in just half an hour time. They're drying in an egg box right now, and they look
pretty adorable if you ask me! But hey, feel free to be the judge of that yourself.

 the very first rose

the whole lot so far

We've only finished maybe one fourth of the package, if not one fifth, so we'll have a lot more roses than initially expected. So instead of one I'm going to put two or three roses on each cupcake. I think it'll look 
better in the end anyway. On to the next fifty!

Update: It's day two of rose-folding now, and I have 107 roses finished. I need about 33 more, so I should be finished tomorrow!

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  1. making the roses was big fun. Although mine sometimes looked more like anemones!