week nineteen

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Wedding.

Today was the big day. Well, not for me, technically, but my first big cupcake project (besides the blog, obviously) was due today, so it was sort of big for me too! 64 cupcakes (I know, weird number, but I had 16 per batch and I did four). And what do you know, people actually liked them! Three cheers for me, and of course, three cheers for the newlyweds: Jakke and Lies!

So, like mentioned before, I used Wilson's Decorative Icing for the topping, which I colored withWilson's food colorant (Kelly Green) and then iced the cupcakes with decorator bag and a closed star tip.

 which gave about this effect:

After that, I added two of the rolled roses to each of the regular cupcakes and one big rose and a heart to the bride and grooms' cupcakes, and last added some edible hearts by rainbow dust, which were really tiny and cute:

I must say it went a lot easier than I had expected, and I'm really quite pleased with the final result.

At the wedding reception we had a home-made cake tower (with plates and glasses) and the effect was really stunning! I got a lot of compliments on how pretty they looked and how good they were (though I have to admit I thought they were a tad bit too sweet) and overall, I'm really pleased and proud of myself!

And once more, congratulations to the happy couple!