week nineteen

nine recipes made

Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm so behind on updating this blog, and even though THESE were actually made in time (Sunday 16th of May), I'm also behind on making the cupcakes. So, I've decided not to restrict myself this much. Like I said in the beginning, my goal remains the same: 52 cupcakes in a year, which would be the equivallent of one cupcake a week, only, I'm not going to make one a week anymore. I'll make them when I have the time, just as long as I make sure I'm on track with the whole 52 thing. That should work out better, right?

Alright, on to the cupcakes, which, like I said, I made Sunday the 16th.

Chocolate-hazel cupcakes.
from "500 cakejes" by Fergal Connoly.

115g butter
100g pure chocolate-drops
115g fine (white) sugar
4 eggs, split
2 spoons of flour
50g chopped and roasted hazel nuts

Preheat the oven to 160°C. Melt the chocolate and the butter au bain marie (in a pan that's drifting in a pot of boiling water, basically) though (shht) a microwave oven works wonders, too. Stir it so it's nice and smooth and let it cool of afterwards.

Mix the sugar and the egg yellow in a middle large bowl with a handmixer 2-3 minutes until it's a smooth mixture. Stir the chocolate mass, the flour and the hazel nuts through it.

In another bowl, mix the egg whites till it's a solid foam and spoon it through the mixture.

Fill your cupcake shapes and bake them about 20 minutes.

These turned out quite alright taste-wise, though something really strange happened in the baking process. The top of the cupcakes hardened a lot more then the middle (that remained brownie-ish) and the middle set back down after the cupcakes cooled off, which made the top sort of hang over an in between space like a roof. I know.. weird huh. The roof .. thing was very vulnerable, so they looked a lot better when they were fresh out of the oven, but hey, as long as they taste a-okay, I'm one happy camper.

Next time, I'm trying a (big) cake!


  1. I love chocolate hazelnut! And to solve the roof problem... just nibble on the over hang! Mmmm

  2. dmmmmmmmmmn

    ik zeg ik wil cake en wa doe gij gij geeft mij u blog gvd

    kga pist worden :p