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Friday, April 16, 2010


Numero dos, right on schedual.

from "500 cakejes" by Fergal Connoly.

115g soft butter
115g fine, white sugar
115g self-rising flour
2 eggs
150 g unsweet applesauce (i used with chunks)
3/4th of a theespoon cinnamon
100g chopped pecannuts (i left these out)
100 g yellow raisins
about half an apple

Preheat the oven on 175°C.
Put thebutter, sugar, flour and the eggs in a large bowl and mix thoroughly with a handmixer until it's a smooth and pale mixture. Gently mix the apple sauce, cinnamon, (nuts) and raisins through it. Put in your cupcake forms, put some very thin slices of apple and a tad of sugar on top and bake for approx. 25 min.

Easy as abc, though at the end, the dough appeared to be slightly too much running, so I added a little extra flour on "good feeling". Not too much, because I don't want any of the flavour to get lost, of course. It's best to use rubber forms for these cupcakes, because, like I said, they're pretty runny even when they're in the forms. Mine sort of went all over the place while I was baking them. But... they were saved, and came out pretty decent. I waited ten minutes, took them out of the oven again and only put the apple-slices and the extra sugar on top after that, so they'd firmed up a bit. Not bad, not bad.

I was slightly scared that they wouldn't form well, with the runny..ness, but they came out a pretty golden-brown color, and after letting them cool of for about ten minutes, we (me and my tasting assistant, aka, my mom) had our taste and we approved. They turned out better than the last (banana-honey). Yay.

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