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Thursday, April 08, 2010


I may not be as ambituous as Julie Powell once was, but then again, I'm only twenty and I do have a life outside baking. Plus, whereas Julie went through an entire cooking catalogue (bless her, I wouldn't have the guts) I'm not really much of a cook myself. I prefer baking. Mixing, matching and putting the result in the oven where it can bake brown-gold. So... Cupcakes. Or, if I don't get any recipe suggestions from you guys (if anyone is even reading this at all), cupcakes, cakes and pies. Yes, I gladly welcome you all to send me some suggestions in the comments. All recipes are welcome, sweet or spicy, sugary or salty.

Now, on to the first experiment, shall we?

Banana-honey cupcakes. 
from "500 cakejes" by Fergal Connoly.

4 mashed bananas
175g of lightbrown sugar
80g of honey
4 spoons of melted butter
230g flour (self-raising or esp. for baking)
1 theespoon baking powder
a snif of salt (not too much)
150g mashed walnuts (i used hazelnuts instead)

Preheat the oven on 175°C.
Put the bananas, sugar, honey and butter in a large bowl and mix thoroughly with a handmixer. Gently mix the baking powder, flour and the salt through it. When everything is well mixed, add the nuts.
Put in your cupcake forms and bake for approx. 20 min (I baked them 30).

Making the dough is pretty easy and I think I got that finished in about fifteen minutes tops. It looks like they're going to be pretty sweet, with all that sugar and honey in there but it has a nice, soft, beige-yellowish color and it already looks delicious in my opinion.

They're looking good so far, though, when I'm writing this, they're still in the oven. Fingers crossed, knock on wood. I've already put them in longer then the recipe says, but the banana seems to be keeping them pretty light colored. Five more minutes!

Et voila, not too bad. I haven't tasted them yet, they're still cooling down and they're still quite soft so I'm still crossing my fingers in hopes of a good result, but they don't look half bad, and that's got to count for something, right?

Edit: tasted and approved. They're pretty good. They're not too rich on taste (the banana and the honey are very very soft and the nuts more or less dominate the cookie) so I put some more honey on top of them at the very end which gives a better, subtle honey taste to the whole thing and brings out the banana better, too.

And that's that.

Countdown: 52 weeks, 1 cupcakes. 

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